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Made in Germany - More than a Label

Since it was established in 1964, the Rolf Benz company has been designing and producing innovative upholstered furniture in the Black Forest that epitomises the German design ethos of combining form with function.

Precision work and exacting checks are the essential ingredients in our efforts to achieve perfection. The actual formula for success, however, is universal: only what is created with dedication succeeds so well that it leaves a lasting impression. The dedication to “Made in Germany“ is ideal for communicating exactly the feeling that we are aiming for – one that is best expressed with that beautiful German word: WUNDERBAR.

Unlike most other manufacturers of upholstered furniture, Rolf Benz has been consistently producing furniture on a fully integrated basis with its own upholstered frame factory in Nagold and the surrounding area – which is why the certificate has been awarded to its entire upholstered furniture collection.

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