Nothing But Wunderbar

Stylish home décor, top-class seating comfort, pioneering design, innovative functionality and top quality that is “Made in Germany” – Rolf Benz has been synonymous with all this since its inception.

In 1964, the revolutionary founder Rolf Benz set out to change the way we live, and his creations transformed traditional seating arrangements with the introduction of modularity and choice that completely changed how the modern family lives.

Today, the range is still created in the heart of the Black Forest and has expanded from seating alone to now include dining tables, beds, cabinets, outdoor, and more. All product designs aim to encompass timeless design and premium quality that can be appreciated worldwide for years to come.

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A Home That Reflects You

In Their Words

"Our Rolf Benz sofa really is the heart of our living room and so comfortable for the whole family. It’s beautiful and also a piece of art in own its right. the quality of the leather and hand stitching is exactly why we chose this German luxury brand."

- Tania Berbez

"Superb quality and timeless design. Made for eternity with proper and regular care of the leather."

- Jürgen Zweeny

"Style, durability and design. I still like our Rolf Benz today, and we have had it for 38 years now."

- Mathilde Noppel

Invest in Timeless Elegance